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Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide, known to many as laughing gas, is the most commonly used form of sedation in dentistry. It is administered by having the patient inhale the gas, which is carefully monitored by your doctor. You will fall into a euphoric state and feel completely relaxed. All feelings of fear and anxiety fade away, leaving you to sit back peacefully while your dental procedure is performed. In most cases all dental work can be completed in one visit while you are sedated.

Nitrous oxide sedation is very safe and effective. Once the procedure is over the nitrous oxide will wear off fairly quickly, and you will probably be able to drive yourself home and return to your daily activities.

You will need to have a preliminary visit with your dentist to make sure that you are an eligible candidate for nitrous sedation. If you have been worried about your next dental visit its time to stop! Ask us about sedation dentistry and schedule your appointment today.



Who is a candidate for nitrous oxide?

If you have anxiety or fear about going to the dentist you are a candidate for sedation dentistry. If you have a fear of pain, have had a traumatic dental experience in the past, or the sounds and smells of a dental office make you nauseous, sedation dentistry can help you get over your anxiety.

Some people have physical reasons, like a bad gag reflex or very sensitive teeth, which make them a candidate for sedation dentistry as well. If you are not sure if you are a candidate ask your dentist.


Will I be unconscious?

No, but you will be in a mild state of relaxation during your treatment. You will still be able to breathe on your own and communicate, but you will have less anxiety.

How long will it last?

Nitrous oxide is breathed in and out of the lungs. It only affects you while you are actively breathing the nitrous oxide. After your procedure, we will sit you up and administer oxygen for five minutes to eliminate the nitrous oxide from your lungs.

Will I be monitored?

Yes, at all times during your sedation someone will be with you. We also monitor your vitals to make sure they remain at a normal level. Safety is of the utmost importance to us.


Are there any long term effects of sedation?

No. It is safe to continue your day as normal after nitrous oxide.


What procedures can be performed under nitrous oxide?

Just about any procedure can be performed with nitrous oxide. The mild sedation is not for the procedure itself, but for the anxiety that accompanies the procedure. Ask your dentist if nitrous oxide is available for a particular procedure.


Will my insurance cover nitrous oxide?

In most cases it will not be covered by your insurance provider. We will review your insurance coverage and let you know if it is covered or not. If it is not covered, we will let you know the cost and, if necessary, we can put together a financing plan for you.

Nitrous Oxide
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